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In Kaboom , during the climax of the film it is revealed that lovers Smith and London are half-siblings, sharing the same father. In the American film Fighting Fish , estranged siblings David and Alice rekindle a past sexual encounter while living with their younger half-siblings, who remain oblivious to their relationship. In Beautiful Kate , Ned returns home with his fiancée to see his dying father on a farm in the Australian outback. Returning home brings up memories of his love affair with his twin sister Kate , and his own tragic role in her death. In The Hotel New Hampshire , John feels intense sexual desire for his sister, Franny . Franny succumbs and, after spending an entire day having sex, they move on to a strictly platonic relationship.

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  • A subplot in The Godfather Part III features Mary Corleone falling in love with her first cousin, the Godfather’s heir, Vincent Mancini.
  • Jenna is obsessed with Toby and has blackmailed him into a sexual relationship in the past, and then blackmails him again to keep their affair secret, threatening to tell everyone that he forced himself on her.
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  • In William A. Fraker’s film A Reflection of Fear , the main protagonist, 15-year-old Marguerite vies for her father’s attention sexually, even to the point of eliminating her mother and grandmother.
  • In Kika , siblings Pablo and Juana have had an incestuous relationship in the past.

Grace is Jake’s daughter who he sexually abused for years, and later married after he killed her mother. In Hamlet , King Claudius murders his brother, Hamlet’s father, by poisoning him so he could take his sister-in-law Queen Gertrude as his bride. Hamlet is disgusted by this turn of events as well as his discovering his mother’s incestuous affair with his uncle and plots revenge. The film also hints at the Oedipal relationship between Hamlet and Queen Gertrude as depicted in the "bedroom scene" with the fight between mother and son culminating in a rather passionate kiss given the unhealthy attraction between the two. In Forever , wealthy but philandering businessman Marcelo dies having sex, leading his estranged daughter Berenice to investigate her father’s death by interrogating all of his former lovers. Berenice reveals to one of Marcelo’s lovers, her childhood friend Ana, that her father had molested her during a cliffside getaway.

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The pilot starts with them getting into a boat together, acting more like a romantic couple than siblings. The revelation in Season Three of their mother Penelope having been adopted and groomed by the Blossoms to be Clifford’s bride suggests an intentional manipulation by the Blossom family. In "The Killings at Badger’s Drift", an episode of Midsomer Murders, an old woman discovers a brother and sister in an incestuous relationship. In "Burden of Proof", a shy teenage girl, Jodie Bradley , is discovered to have been sexually abused by her father Russ. When Jodie tries to get help from her innocent stepfather Mike, her father kills the stepfather to silence Jodie before he is finally arrested by the authorities.

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