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She looks so innocent, but at the same time, when you look at her huge tits, you know, she needs to be fucked in every possible way. Because Bulma is the real slut who always starts with a deepthroat so she can show you how deep you need to fuck her in the pussy and ass. But did you know, her pussy is so tight, you cum almost instantly after you shove your huge cock inside her? So you should be prepared to cum a lot in the greatest rough fucking with this teen blue-haired slut from the Dragon Ball. The scene where Vegeta slices Guldo’s head off was edited to look as if the latter’s head was still on his body. The following scene where Guldo’s disembodied head was speaking was removed entirely.

  • In the Saban TV dub, there is an infamous censorship edit to Gohan’s face while it is being held by Turles, in which digital paint is used to cover Turles’ fingers.
  • The scene where Dodoria kills Cargo with an Energy Cannon was cut.
  • The scene where Vegeta says "He died fighting Raditz…" was changed to "He lost to Raditz…" Despite Raditz were killed for good.
  • In the Japanese version, he instead tasks Goku to retrieve the girls’ panties and bring them to him.
  • The part where Bulma shoots Goku with a gun was completely removed in the Harmony Gold dub, BLT dub, and Toonami’s Broadcast of the FUNimation dub.

Instead of being bisected in half, Babidi simply gets struck to near death by Piccolo. Frieza’s bisection is depicted without any blood compared to the anime. Instead of Frieza throwing Vegeta into a boulder and torturing him by punching his back several times, he just throws him to the ground before Goku arrives. Gohan’s neck isn’t snapped by Recoome, he simply gets beaten to near death before Goku heals him with a Senzu Bean. Instead of using Final Galick Cannon against Zarbon after punching a hole in his stomach, he is simply shown badly beaten, falling out of the sky into the Namekian Waters.

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Dodoria isn’t shown being disintegrated by Vegeta’s energy wave, he is simply shown looking back at it before a large explosion. Gohan’s pants remain intact after reverting from his Great Ape form as opposed to being entirely naked in the anime. Aside from Nappa amputating Tien’s arm, all scenes of characters being amputated are cut out. When Gohan kills Cell Juniors, guts are seen from their corpses, in the anime they explode. Android 16’s death is gorier in the manga, showing his eyeball popping out of his sockets.

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Instead, they skipped to the part where Vegeta finished him off while claiming that he has been sent to "the next dimension". This marks the final time that phrase was used during an on-screen killing, save for the narration in the next episode’s recap. During the scene where Oolong poses as Goku and tries to get a kiss from the female reporter as well as her panties, the latter bit was cut out on both the edited and unedited versions of the English dub. Ability on Piccolo, nothing was shown other than a flash of white light.

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Goku hasn’t buried Vegeta’s corpse after Vegeta being killed by Frieza, unlike in the manga and anime. However, his corpse disappears when Goku fights Frieza, but he reappears after he was revived by the Dragon Balls during the fight between Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza. Dr. Gero’s death at the hands of Android 17 is gorier in the manga, showing his brains under 17’s foot. In the anime, his head being crushed is heard but not directly shown save for a comparatively small blood splash. Televised airings and the first DVD release censors Android 13’s punch to Goku’s groin with a digitally painted "star". The scene where Icarus wakes up a nude Gohan is edited using a digital bush, also covering Gohan.

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