Byron Bay Nude Beach

Byron Bay Nude Beach

Remember though, if you don’t feel like going, as I like to call it the ‘Full Monty’, you are able to do whatever you feel comfortable with. The beautiful and secluded beach you’ll read about below is of Kings Beach in the Broken Head Nature Reserve just south of Byron Bay. It goes down on my list as one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever stumbled across, but ‘Kings’ offers a very different beach experience – due to the fact it is a nudist beach. Other visitors to Tyagarah have been known to film pornography, with locals often finding sex toys and discarded condoms at the beach and nature reserve. Ms Gould said the council should get rid of clothing-optional beaches altogether. Ms McLean said she would be "very happy" if the council closed Tyagarah Beach, and, if Byron kept a clothes-optional beach, it would be better to have it closer to town.

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The rocky red backdrop makes it one of the most picturesque spots for nudists. If you’re unsure whether the nudist beach you’re heading to is suitable for families, chat to the locals. There are plenty of beaches where you can keep your swimmers on so if you’re intending to visit a nudist beach leave your bathers behind.

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Bookmark this site and connect with us on social media to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world around you. A week and a half later, a male couple were stung by the same infringement after they were caught having sex on the beach. ‘The fine is for offensive behaviour — I’m 56 for God’s sake — how can someone swimming naked be fined $500 for offensive behaviour?

Councillor goes to extreme lengths to outlaw controversial nudist beach in star-studded Byron Bay – Daily Mail

He said councillors decided to install cameras in the car park of Tyagarah Beach, to make it easier for police to catch offenders. “There was the desire to see a clothes-optional beach remain, but there was a little bit of uncertainty about how we’d go about addressing unacceptable behaviour,” Cr Hunter said. Byron Shire Labor councillor Paul Spooner was blunt in his assessment of the issue. "What started off as a great idea has become a cover for people who want to engage in sex in public places, at the beach," he said. However, in the 20 years Tyagarah has been a nude beach, the 77-year-old said it had gone from being a hippie hang-out to a place where locals don’t feel safe. Locals say if Byron is to keep a clothes-optional beach, it would be better to be closer to town, where police were more accessible.

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Councillor Paul Spooner said the decision to keep the clothing optional declaration at Tyagarah Beach showed the council was "not listening" to locals. But please don’t just rely on our word for it, use your own discretion and judgement and if nudist beaches or naturism offends you, avoid North Belongil. If you really want to try a naked beach but are worried about the legalities check out the other naturist beaches in the area as they are legal. "There’s no signage on this beach and it’s one of the few nude beaches I’ve ever been to with no signage to advise people where it’s OK to be naked and where it’s not to be. As recently as 1961 it was illegal to even wear a bikini on an Australian beach. Nowadays, the laws are slightly less stringent, but nonetheless still somewhat conservative so it’s a good idea to know where, when and how it’s OK to shed your swimwear and sunbathe nude.

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