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A Cock and Bull Story – Rear nudity as she lets her nightdress fall to the ground and runs to the bed ready for a night of passion with her husband after she hears him winding the clock which has become a signal for her that sex is imminent. Her face is not seen in the same shot so may well be a body double. Other Halves – Laying on top of a man then turning on her side although her arm covers her nipples at all times ● topless on her back talking to the man with her left breast seen from a medium distance. Chancer (ITV/1990) – Naked being ejected from an apartment by Clive Owen as he pulls off the towel she is wearing – however the only nudity seen is in a long shot where she has her arms covering herself ● topless in a bath behind Clive Owen with a nipple briefly seen when she lifts her arm. Candy Cabs (BBC1/2022) – The back side of her left breast is seen as she removes her towel whilst doing housework in an upstairs bedroom and makes an exhibition of herself, while supposedly cleaning the inside windows, in order to try and discourage some potential homebuyers because she does not want the house to sell – no intended nipple nudity is seen, however her right breast and nipple can briefly be seen reflected in the window glass. Up ‘N’ Under – Rear nudity and topless side view with her right breast seen while showering in a dressing room when Steve comes in to leer at her – then topless as she turns and puts a towel around herself after brazening it out and embarrassing him with her forwardness.

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The Broken – A partial glimpse of her left nipple is seen as she sits down into a bath and lowers her knee which due to the angle had been masking the sight of any revealing nudity ● topless as she sits up on the side of a bed after waking up from a bad dream – then topless and rear nudity as she walks to the bathroom – all a bit darkly lit. Mrs Dalloway – Topless with her right breast seen in a bedroom mirror reflection as she frolicsomely takes off her robe and self-dares herself to run to the bathroom naked to shock and amuse her friend Clarisssa – then rear nudity as she runs down the hallway past a maid with a topless glimpse as she turns left at the top of the corridor. Waterland – Topless laying back on a train seat as her teenage boyfriend Tom Crick lifts up her undervest and nuzzles her breasts and then makes love to her as they take the opportunity to make out between stops in an empty compartment ● topless sitting in an out-of-the-way windmill in the fens undressing with Tom during one of their regular secret assignations to have sex, as she tells him about the unwelcome attention she has been getting from his simpleton older brother Dick – then topless atop him as they make love. Misfits (E4/2009) – Topless standing in her bedroom with Nathan as they undress each other with an urgent passion – then topless as he lays her down on the bed and they make love – then topless laying beside him as he feels embarrassed about being too quick and she laughs hysterically over the odd expression he made when he climaxed – then topless astride him as they restart their lovemaking with renewed vigour – then he recoils in shock when her body changes into that of a very old woman and he pushes her off and flees the room in panic. Cotton Mary – Topless sitting astride Englishman John Macintosh on a bed as he kisses her then pushes her aside to get dressed when she tells him something that puts him off – then topless sitting on the bed after he has left and an agitated Cotton Mary knocks on the door wanting to talk to her – then topless as she opens the door without covering herself to shock Mary.

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Grafters (ITV/1998) – Upper rear view laying on her side in bed facing Joe ● naked running around a house with Joe although the only nudity seen is rear nudity ● in a bath with Joe with her knee covering her breasts ● getting out of the bath with a naked rear view as she puts a towel around her hair – then more rear nudity and a rear side edge of her right breast as she puts on a bathrobe . Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Full frontal nudity and rear nudity standing in her boyfriend Brian’s bedroom defending his good name against Brian’s mother who is berating her son for having a horde of followers outside his window who think he is the messiah – her breasts stay mostly hidden by her long hair although are seen briefly. Confessions of a Window Cleaner – Topless in an open blouse on her parents’ bed with her boyfriend Tim as they watch TV and he raises her bra cup and kisses her left breast – then he jumps back in alarm when the bedside phone rings – then full frontal nudity as she stands up and removes all her clothes after he proposes and then she gets into bed with him – then topless kissing with him in bed and making love as he keeps getting put off by the picture of her father on the bedside table. Black Moon – Topless in a bedroom as she opens up her white blouse and cleans her breasts with a cotton wool pad in readiness and then offers her right breast to the old lady (Thérèse Giehse) on the bed to suckle on and sits by her stroking her comfortingly as she feeds ● topless standing in the bedroom as she opens her blouse and wipes her breasts again as she prepares to feed a black pony unicorn sitting by the fireplace – as she gets ready the picture freeze frames here as the final image of the film before the credits roll.

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This Is England ’86 (C4/2022) – Topless as she pulls down her top and flashes her breasts amid some drunken party revelling with her friends. Emily Joyce leaked materials mean not only pics but also some video clips. They have been made through the years , so you can see her in many different situations connected with nudity, masturbation, or even sex.

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