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These ladies run at full speed, bounce on a board, push off the vaulting horse, then launch themselves into the air, contorting their bodies, in hopes of sticking the perfect landing. The combination of speed, technique, and balance, leads to moments of greatness, but can also lead to embarrassing photos, like this one of Indian gymnast, Dipa Karmakar. There are sometimes when the cheerleaders are more exciting than the actual sports game.

  • During the team competition, both powerhouse countries were vying for a spot atop of the podium, and the competition was deadlocked.
  • Take a look and prepared to be blown away by some of these flabbergasting cheerleader wardrobe mishaps.
  • Female gymnasts are expected to be stone faced at all times during their routine but sometimes they’re caught in a bad spot.
  • However, the whole ordeal didn’t help their score and they came in 9th place.

Once Alex managed to get Maia free, they continued on with their routine despite her tights being torn. However, the whole ordeal didn’t help their score and they came in 9th place. "What can you do? There was lots of bubbles going on so no one saw too much," he said. However, the diver did learn something from that particular wardrobe malfunction, saying, "From then on, I’ve made sure I’ve done up my trunks extra tight." There were actually twofigure skating clothing fails at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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15  That ‘oh No!’ Moment

The 12-second clip starts by showing the woman dangling from a machine dressed in a black sports bra and the leggings. Sarah Carroll has a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet at Billabong’s 5th annual design for humanity benefit on June 15, 2022 in Hollywood,… Lindsay Lohan had a major wardrobe malfunction as her breast popped out of her dress as she took to the rooftop of the Raleigh Hotel for a Plum magazine shoot. Anne Hathaway suffered a major wardrobe malfunction as she arrived at the “Les Miserables” New York film premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC. Rita Ora was spotted arriving at the trendy Firehouse in London after performing at the Capital radio summertime ball in Wembley Stadium, however when Rita arrived she showed the waiting photographers a bit more than her talent. Kim Kardashian and sister Khloe Kardashian with a wardrobe malfunction filming KUWK in the Hamptons.

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Neon Hitch Wore A Dress That Couldnt Rise To The Occasion

Just a few seconds intoYura Min’sice dancing routine with Alexander Gamelin for the team competition, a piece holding her outfit together came undone. Wardrobe malfunctions often happen in the life of celebrities. In order to show their beauty and glamour, many Hollywood actresses have been through this embarrassing thing.

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She dropped to seventh out of eight competitors, allowing China to grab the top two spots in the event. Gabby redeemed herself in the 2022 Games in Rio, performing well on the uneven bars, helping to lead USA to yet another team gold. Luckily for Douglas, most viewers will remember her unbelievable run to the individual all-around gold back in 2022, and not the embarrassing mishap on the unforgiving balance beam. While Australian Gymnast, Olivia Vivian, helped lead her team to a sixth-place finish in Beijing, she will go down in history for this embarrassing photo from the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. After flipping on the narrow beam, Vivian was struck with sheer terror, looking like she was going to fall.

"Despite the wardrobe malfunction, I had an amazing time competing in my home country!" shetweeted. In May last year, Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart suffered an embarrassing ‘Marilyn moment’ at the premiere of the new Baywatch film. Bailey Noble arrived at the SLS hotel party, where the “True Blood” star had a wardrobe malfunction.

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