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From there you can rent a car and travel the modern highways and good roads to Playa Sonrisa in under 5 hours. Depending on how late your flight arrives in Cancun, it might be wise to plan an overnight stay in Playa del Carmen or Tulum, as it’s a more enjoyable drive in daylight. Xcalak is a very tiny "fishing village" with a seasonal tourist influx. It is too small to support a "spa" but as an unspoiled beach town does attract wandering souls with various skills who tend to come & go with the seasons. Browse 12,770 professional ibiza beach stock photos available royalty-free. Naturism is still really popular in Greece and most of Europe, so beaches like this are common.

These two beaches are twins to Big and Little Makena Beach on Maui. The sun rises on another glorious Haulover Beach day. To get that, you have to go towards the beach of Las Salinas, pass through the village of San Francesc and before arriving at Las Salinas will see a detour to the beach Es Cavallet. There is so much color and chaos that it’s challenging to tell up from down.

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Faced with this unfavorable situation, the present article aims to claim the consolidation of this borrowed spaces and recover their traditional nudist use. Today, centuries later, the sea has flooded much of this quarry and turned it into a set of beautiful pools. The road to get there is difficult and you have to be well prepared with both clothing and supplies; many helicopter rescues have had to be carried out due to the lack of foresight of some hikers. Commonly referred to as "High Season" it’s most popular not because the weather is perfect here, but because it is far from perfect up north and many snowbirds want to escape from the cold.

Spain brings in strict new beach rules – and if you break them you could owe up to £2,500 – Lancs Live

This cove doesn’t appear in the official guides of beaches, so it’s difficult to reach. There are a lot of nudist beaches on Ibiza, which are generally more relaxed, liberal and yes, gay-friendly. Straights and gays mingle pointing all their bodies towards the Mecca that is the sun.

Browse 12,770 Professional Ibiza Beach Stock Photos Available Royalty

However, if you’re all about that, you may want to go toOcean Beach Ibiza. They throw the premium pool parties in the area and have hosted the likes of Ed Sheeran, Jack Whitehall, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. They also hoisted a giant pink King Kong above one of their epic events. You don’t have to pick between swimming in a pool or swimming in the ocean at the Punta Arabi. But the pool is where they throw some of the wildest parties in Ibiza. As you can see from the photo on the left, even the hotel’s slow days provide a ton of opportunities for making new friends and getting absurdly loaded together.

  • Practicing Nudism is legal on the beaches of Ibiza, although it is recommended not to practice it on urban beaches, especially in the presence of children or elderly people.
  • If you prefer the secluded feel of a tiny cove to sunbathe in, then head to Caló d’Es Morts on the southeastern coast of the island.
  • That’s why it’s quite common for islanders accustomed to bathing in their birthday suit to look for secluded places among the rocks and areas that present a more difficult access between coves.
  • From the airport in Cancun you will first need to get to a bus station.
  • Walk to the left, perhaps wading through shallow waters, dependent on the time of day and tide and you will find three stretches of sand and lots of fellow naked bathers.

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