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Dakota Johnson first came into the limelight with a small role in ‘The Social Network’ followed by her next big breakthrough that was ’21 Jump Street’. A very few people know that she’s the daughter of yesteryear’s actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. Celebs nude and sex scenes from cinema, TV shows, music videos and on stage performances. There are too many movies to mention where Kate Winslet hasn’t taken her clothes off. In fact, she has gotten naked in 4 roles out of the 6 for which she was nominated at the Academy Awards. Her famous drawing room scene in Titanic would forever be etched in the minds of the average cine-goer but few would know that she bared her entire body for her role in Jude where she allows a guy to take her virginity.

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She likes to show all her Korean sex secrets to random sexy guys. Silly babe is wanking her man’s junk till he cums right on her. Mischief is a lighthearted teen comedy-drama where three teenagers are shown dealing with their raging hormones. Kelly Preston has gone the distance when it comes to nudity in one of the scenes as she seduces the young and shy Jonathan. Though most of the scene is with Preston being topless, you can see her fully naked as the camera zooms out. In one set of photos at this site of Grace Park ” The Maxim shoot” It is stated she is not Korean?

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She is so comfortable taking off her clothes even in her ripe old age that she herself confessed that beyond a certain, one really stops caring what men in the audience think about your naked body. The sultry French actress grabbed all the attention with the infamous lesbian sex scene with Lea Seydoux in ‘Blue is the Warmest Color‘, essentially a career-defining movie for Adele. Controversial, yet regarded as one of the most intense lesbian love sagas ever made, ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ is the narrative of Adele and Emma, two teenagers who fall for each other. Although Adele is yet to come mainstream and appear alongside the bigwigs of Hollywood, ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ was definitely her stepping milestone to potential success. ‘Nymphomaniac‘ is widely regarded as sexually one of the most explicit mainstream movies of all times. Stacy Martin, who started her film career with ‘Nymphomaniac’ played a young Joe in the movie, while the older version of the character was played on-screen by Charlotte Gainsbourg.

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