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Shadow of the Vampire – Topless wearing an open black top laying on a bed laughing and shouting hysterically while high on drugs as some men try to help her. L’Empereur de Paris – Laying on her side in bed with her right breast seen as she watches the man she has just had sex with leave. Sorted – Topless making love on a bed astride Carl as she dominantly overrides his drug-weakened protests to take advantage of him while he is too high on drugs to stop her.

As White As In Snow (aka Så vit som en snö) – Topless and rear nudity clambering up a sandy slope in an emotional state after making love with a man in a field – then full frontal nudity at the roadside trying to inadequately cover herself when a group of men ride by on horses and her lover comes to her aid covering her with his body – then topless and full frontal nudity as one of the men stops and she looks at him quizzically until he rides off – then full frontal nudity and rear nudity as she gathers her clothes and storms off ● topless in bed ● briefly topless on a train – low lighting. Gridlock’d – Topless as two men haul her unconscious body from a bath after they have failed to rouse her ● topless standing by a hospital bed wearing white briefs and getting dressed. Art School Confidential – Rear nudity standing as she takes off her robe ready to pose for an art class – then topless sitting posing on a stool with her left breast seen whilst the students sketch her – then rear nudity as she puts her robe back on when the art tutor Professor Sandiford calls a break. Savage Messiah – Full frontal nudity standing posing for Henri in the large reception hall area of her father’s stately home – seen from a distance at first as Henri sketches from a balcony above – then full frontal nudity and she walks up the stairs towards the camera while they talk – then topless in the foreground doing posing exercises as he walks down the stairs in the background to join her – then full frontal as they walk down the stairs together as he continues sketching while she expounds on her ambitions as they enter the next room where she practices some gesturing dance moves – then topless and full frontal as she puts on a gown when her father rides into the room on his horse in full military regalia ready to sit for Henri to sculpt him.

Lyndsey Marshalnude

Tale of Tales – Topless side view with her right breast seen and rear nudity standing in the forest examining herself now her old body has become young again – her long red tresses mostly cover her nudity as the lusty King of Strongcliff watches her from concealment when he comes across her whilst out hunting and falls in love ● topless side view with her left breast seen while making love astride her new husband the king when he is put off when her old-looking sister Imma comes out of hiding. Provocateur – Bare back taking off her bathrobe and getting into a shower – then topless as she turns and closes the shower curtain – then topless in the shower being spied upon by a man ● topless sitting on a bed as she lowers her robe in front of a man and they touch and kiss – then topless on her back in a lovemaking scene. The Baby of Macon – Topless sitting and laying on the straw covered floor of a barn undressing with a man whom she offers her all to – then topless underneath him as they make love -later topless and full frontal nudity horrified and being splattered with her lover’s blood after he is gorged by a bull – then full frontal nudity as she stands and takes enraged vengeance on the bull with a scythe – then full frontal nudity and rear nudity covered with blood as the bishop and his entourage enter and order her toddler child be taken from her and she angrily defends her right to keep him – then full frontal nudity as she rails defiantly against the jeering crowd after the scared child fails to side with her and she is hauled away by soldiers ● full frontal nudity and rear nudity as she is tipped off a bed already dead as she is condemned to execution by a judge. Frankie and Johnny – Bare back and partial side of her right breast in a lovemaking scene astride a man in bed – no nipple nudity ● bare back sitting on the side of the bed kissing the man goodbye – her face is not seen.

The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone – Topless side view with her right breast seen as she sits up in bed to kiss a man – no nipple nudity ● topless reclining naked on a lounger as she looks longingly at the naked man sleeping on the lounger beside her and reaches her hand out and passes her hand along his youthful body without actually touching him and wishing she was a younger woman ● topless side view sitting on a bed beside the man in the dark as he helps her off with her robe. Deadly Strangers – Rear nudity as she stands up in a bath then covers her front in surprised alarm when she sees her pervy uncle has come into the room – he throws her a towel which she covers her front with but he can still see her full backside in a full length mirror behind her ● topless as she undresses in a hotel room – initially seen at a medium distance through a spyhole in a wall as Stephen watches her undress – then topless directly in the room with her as she picks up a newspaper and looks at it – later almost topless with the underside of her breasts seen as she stands in the room putting her bra back on – no further nipple nudity seen here. The Woman On The Roof (aka Kvinnorna på taket) – Topless laying on a bed with her right breast exposed next to another woman ● topless laying on her back on a bed wearing an open top – under a blue light ● full frontal walking across a room then rear nudity as she turns after she sees a man and woman laying together. The Deadly Females – The side of her left breast is seen while laying in bed as her boyfriend wakes her up in the morning – then topless as she turns over and they talk about her acting audition – then full frontal as she lays back and stretches when he goes to make some coffee and rear nudity and she gets out of bed and follows him ● topless with her right breast seen laying in bed as Benny opens her negligee to lick off some wine he has spilt on her – later topless laying in bed beside him as he sleeps loudly snoring and then she sits up with rear nudity seen as she places a pillow over his face to smother him and uses her full body weight to hold it in place as he struggles. Flashbacks of a Fool – Topless and brief rear nudity with a marginal glimpse of some lower nudity as she sits on a bed undressing with her teenage next door neighbour Joe whom she has seduced – then topless laying on the bed underneath him as they make love ● topless underneath Joe in another lovemaking scene in her beachside house which stops when there is a loud explosion from the beach.

Lindsey Marshal Nude At The Beach

Spectre – Briefly seen topless in an open red ritual robe as the worshipers work themselves up into a frenzy during a cult ceremony. Alfie Darling – Topless laying on her back in a lorry cab’s bunk propped on her elbows as Alfie sits up when a French customs official searches the lorry and she readjusts her bra to cover herself up. The Gravy Train (C4/1990) – Topless with the left breast very briefly seen as she peers out of a shower when she hears someone come into the shower room – then she quickly ducks back inside when she sees it is not who she had been expecting and is instead Dr Hans-Joachim Dorfmann who had been looking for the Director General. – Her left breast is seen over her shoulder as she releases it from her dress and allows an exhausted Mick to suckle it.

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This Is The Sea – Topless standing in the rain wearing a wet night-dress with her right nipple visible through the wet material while shouting at a man – then later when her hair moves her other nipple is also visible. Phil – Some back/side of her left breast seen as she takes off her robe and gets into a shower – no nipple nudity – later the full side of her right breast is momentarily seen as she turns in alarm when several tiles fall off the wall for no apparent reason. Monk Dawson – Topless with her left breast seen as she uncovers her breast from her nightdress to feed her baby just as Monk Dawson comes in to see how she is getting on in the room in the monastery where he has secretly given her shelter – her breast and face are not seen together but it is a continuous shot. Adam’s Woman – Rear nudity standing in a lake being watched by Adam as she washes herself, with the side of her left breast seen as she turns slightly – seen from a long distance.

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The Bank Job – In a bedroom standing by a mirror as she and fellow dinner party guest Hakim Jamal get passionate in an upstairs room – the side of her reflected left breast is very briefly seen in the mirror as he is taking off her dress – then her right breast is very briefly glimpsed directly through a gap between his arm and body as she turns to face him. The Hills Run Red – Topless lovemaking scene on a bed with Lalo while they take advantage of her boyfriend Tyler’s absence. Calendar Girls – Standing behind a bowl of fruit placed on a kitchen worktop counter as she takes off her bra in front of her friends to pose for some test shots and her left breast briefly sways into view – then a brief full topless glimpse when her teenage son and his friend (John-Paul Macleod and Marc Pickering) come home from school and see her and she quickly covers up. Pascali’s Island – Topless side view from a long distance and at a high angle as she dives from a rock into the sea while skinny dipping with Charles Dance ● her left breast is seen while laying on her back in bed with Charles Dance – seen at a medium distance. Lip Service (BBC3/2022) – Brief rear nudity as she gets out of bed in a hurry to get to work after spending the night with her new girlfriend Tess . Surviving Picasso – Full frontal nudity standing as she impulsively disrobes in Picasso’s room while he is turned away looking through some papers, taking him initially by surprise when he turns to face her – then she stands there as he appraises her as a potential model.

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Celebrity Botched Up Bodies (C5/2022) – Topless but holding her hands over her breasts as she displays her trim figure following a surgical procedure to remove sagging skin – no nipple nudity. Under Milk Wood – Topless standing waist deep in the sea and laughing happily with her arms outstretched as Nogood Boyo , dozing in his rowing boat, sees her and joins her in the water offering her a wet corset he recently fished from the sea – they hug and kiss and then Nogood Boyo wakes up in his boat and has been dreaming the whole incident. Legends of the Fall – Topless laying on her back making love underneath her brother-in-law Tristan with her right breast briefly seen pressed against his chest. Mr. Turner – Rear nudity in her brothel bedroom as she hitches up the back of skirt up to display herself to customer J.M.W. Turner for his approval when he hires her services to sketch her. Das Schöne Ende dieser Welt – Rear nudity running into the sea wearing just a jacket – then topless in the sea as she removes the jacket and is joined by a man.

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