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Regardless of whether or not you believe that Khloe is a true Kardashian, the underlying issue is on how masculine her facial features are. While Kim and Kourtney have a chiseled jawline and natural contouring in the cheekbones, Khloe has more of a squared jawline and a much broader nose. This combined with her taller stature and larger size doesn’t help to add any femininity points her way.

  • A haven for those inclined towards more masculine presentation/gender identity, as well as those who appreciate the butch.
  • I went through hell, I fucking cried every day for at least 6 months, I was done.
  • The movie, which told the love story of two sheep herders in Wyoming, was a tender exploration of love.
  • Powerful women who don’t balance their masculinity with femininity can easily intimidate people.
  • Yet, while women’s unclothed bodies are on display everywhere from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to HBO, images of nude men are way harder to come by.

Masculine women tend to have masculine interests such as sports, bodybuilding, cars, bikes, fishing, camping, etc. They find it hard to pursue these interests with feminine people. This is why masculine women tend to have a lot of guy friends. Dominance and aggression are typical male traits that may also be seen in masculine women.

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While Jones hasn’t exactly become a celebrity sensation in the U.S., she is practically the UK’s equivalent of Lady Gaga due to her over-the-top costumes and stage performances. Although everyone can agree that Jones has been able to maintain her looks (despite being almost 70-years-old), it’s hard to deny the masculinity of her facial features. This combined with her practically bald head, and it’s almost impossible to decipher whether or not she is in fact a woman. It’s a good thing she likes to pack on the makeup, otherwise there might be some confusion by the general public when she’s caught out and about.

Perhaps it was her real life degree in neuroscience that helped to land her the job, or perhaps it was how easily she would fit in with a predominantly male cast. Whatever the case, fans have stuck by her side through all the criticisms and have even applauded her for not kowtowing to public convention. When it comes to characterizing a truly beautiful woman, oftentimes it boils down to how feminine her features are. Cultures from all over the world make a point of revering women for their dainty and feminine features. Yet, this isn’t always the case when it comes to Hollywood standards.

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Unlike the male nude, which is often perceived as an autonomous subject, the female nude is normally presented in a passive way. I think in my work, I try to present men in a different way to question this masculine and feminine opposition, and cast the gaze onto the male body, which can be equally eroticized and desired as the female body.”. But as Li notes, these acts of nudity have far more autonomy that women’s do – we still need more parity. Uma Thurman has always been considered an odd beauty, but that only seemed to make her even more attractive during her younger years. Yet, time has since rolled on, and all of the little quirks that made her face that much more interesting have started to harden some of her more masculine features. While it may seem like Pulp Fiction was just the other day, it was actually released in 1994 and she no longer looks like the ultra beautiful wife of Marsellus Wallace.

She wanted a real person, desirable yet flawed, as we all are. This lens on the male nude is a political one for Scruggs. Scruggs cleverly highlights the knock-on effect of a visual culture permeated with passive female nudes, but far fewer of men. Diane Keaton is one of the few leading ladies in Hollywood that hasn’t been pushed out to pasture just because she’s reached a particular age.

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