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She likely thought the rich shipping magnate would be a good husband because he’d been such a good friend to her following her husband’s death. Unfortunately for Jackie, Onassis turned out to be an asshole. He looked forward to any opportunity to humiliate her in the press. He even once went so far as to tattle that she’d be fully nude on a beach in Europe.

Back then, she was a 25-year-old bad girl willing to get naked in a hotel room to discuss her role in the Lara Croft franchise. Jolie was arguably a lot more fun back in the day when she admitted installing a firepole in her bedroom so she didn’t have to take the stairs to get to the kitchen. As recent as 2022, she stripped down for Maxim magazine. She didn’t quite bare it all, but she was still hot in little more than an unbuttoned flannel top. She looks great in her forties and proves you can be sexy at any age. It’s a daring thing to lay it all out there, and these celebs cast aside their fears, and went naked for notable adult magazines.

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Back before Madonna was a superstar singer, she was a struggling performer. She needed the money, so she said “yes” when a photographer offered to pay her for amateurish nude photos. She wasvery natural in the nudes — meaning she didn’t shave her pits… or anywhere else for that matter. Women aren’t the only ones who could find themselves in a nude photo scandal. Back in 1997, Brad Pitt was photographed naked in his hotel’s backyard. He was staying at a hotel in St. Barthelme, which is in the French West Indies, when a paparazzo snuck onto the private property and snapped the nude photos.

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Everything is permanent because of technology; there’s nothing that doesn’t stay around forever.” Lucky for us, these photos aren’t going anywhere either. There’s even an accompanying video on Flaunt’s website where you can watch Wilde strip down, pose, and be adored by the camera. She is maybe not as proud of the photos she took for Max Magazine, as she refuses to discuss them in interviews. In the now-defunct French men’s magazine, she is photographed beside a woman. They’re snuggled together as if they’re about to get it on. Diaz’s topless photo shoot from Loaded, which shut down in March 2022 only to relaunch as a digital magazine just months later.

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Such celebrities includes Brad Pitt and Madonna, both of whom dealt with the scandal in different ways. She also once posed for a BDSM photoshoot, where she went nude in the photo set, but the pictures were never published to an adult men’s magazine. In fact, Diaz has had some luck in having those photos suppressed. Long before Charlize Theron was an A-list actress, she was a fledgling model living from paycheck-to-paycheck.

  • We scoured the Internet and created a compilation of Charlize Theron nudesfrom movies and more!
  • Olivia Wilde’s Flaunt photoshoot is incredibly risqué, but also beautiful and artistic.
  • However, although Jackie was humiliated by the ordeal, she still signed a copy of the Hustler magazine for artist Andy Warhol.
  • Most of these stars understood that showing a bit of skin could make you a household name, and played up their good looks for that career boost.
  • And it was even at the height of his career in 1997 that he bared it all.

Only a teacup separates Duchovny’s manhood from full exposure. Actually, people were criticizing her that she wasn’t actually pregnant and was faking the whole thing, so she posed nude to prove them wrong. She’s not at all afraid of baring it all, so expect even more nakedness from Kim K in the future.

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