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She guards her privacy in a manner that she identifies with Bob Dylan, whom she admires. However, the news this morning that a supposed sex tape of The White Stripes’ drum-basher Meg White had started circulating the internet left our chins on the carpet. In Jack White’s 2022 interview with Rolling Stone, the rocker wouldn’t discuss his marriage to Meg, but did divulge that Meg wasn’t a very supportive bandmate. "She’s one of those people who won’t high-five me when I get the touchdown," he told the magazine. "She viewed me that way of ‘Oh, big deal, you did it, so what?’ Almost every single moment of the White Stripes was like that." Although Rolling Stone and other publications reached out Meg for a comment, she did not reply. As an incredibly private introvert, Meg has become a bit of an enigma.

  • You have to ask, though, why it’s always the sex tapes featuring female celebrities that go round the internet like wildfire.
  • In March 2022, fans of The White Stripes and, especially, fans of Meg were surprised to hear that she was chosen as the replacement drummer for the rock band Rush.
  • In 1998, the world was starting to become acquainted with Jack and Meg White and their alternative rock band The White Stripes.
  • Since the release of her nude book she has gone fully wild on her Onlyfans.
  • She also uses a pair of Paiste 14" Signature Medium Hi-Hats, a Paiste 19" Signature Power Crash, and a Paiste 22" 2002 Ride.

Penelope is a charming yet alluring babe, her slender and gorgeous body garbed in sheer white lingerie, with her adorable innocent looks, gorgeous, puffy boobs, and sexy legs. In a Rolling Stone interview, the musician dubbed "Jack White solo" and The White Stripes one in the same. "There’s only two people in the band. I was writing and producing and conducting. The melodies are coming from one person, the rhythm is coming from Meg," he explained. You have to wonder how Meg feels about being reduced to just "rhythm," while Jack takes credit for the rest. In 2022, Rolling Stone’s contributing editor Jonah Weiner decided to ask the musician if he was still in contact with his former bandmate.

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One refuses to believe it’s actually White, while the other is convinced it is, and reacts with typical pubescent lairy behaviour. Within the latter group is a faction that thinks the leaking of the tape is the real reason the White Stripes cancelled upcoming US and UK tours, rather than the official explanation, which was that Meg was suffering "acute anxiety". Celebrity Naked before reaching national Meg White nude celebrities.

She attained a high level of fame and then just seemingly disappeared. She’s not on social media, she doesn’t take interviews anymore — you’d even be hard-pressed to find a paparazzi photo of her just out and about. One of the few ways people are privy to the former singer and drummer’s whereabouts are through Jack. "I don’t think her anxiety exists anymore," he told the publication, "but I don’t know." Although it’s hard to imagine that Meg’s anxiety simply vanished, it was refreshing to hear that her mental health may have improved. Jack continued to give fans more hope when he confirmed that his ex-wife was present while he was rehearsing for The Dead Weather, a now-defunct band Jack White joined in 2009.

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The woman is a rock drummer – she has more backbone than that. The doubters should just accept that, to misquote Freud, sometimes anxiety is just anxiety. Meg Turney is an Influencer and Onlyfans creator who creates cosplay, sexy pictures and nude Onlyfans content. Since the release of her nude book she has gone fully wild on her Onlyfans.

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Although Jack and Meg may not exactly be mortal enemies, the old adage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" certainly applied to the couple back in October 2022. For the first time in years, The White Stripes issued a joint statement to Facebook. "Regarding the use of ‘Seven Nation Army’ in a Donald Trump campaign video, The White Stripes would like to unequivocally state that they have nothing whatsoever to do with this video," the former duo revealed. "They are disgusted by this association, and by the illegal use of their song." In 1998, the world was starting to become acquainted with Jack and Meg White and their alternative rock band The White Stripes. Through their first single "Let’s Shake Hands" in the winter of ’98 to their subsequent first and self-titled album in the summer of ’99, people who got a taste of the band’s unique garage rock sound were quickly becoming fans.

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