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Remember all other Dravidians supported General Kobbekaduwa when he intelligently over powered only the Dravidian Christian community of the LTTE. It was a relief for them more than the Sinhalese. Also know that the Salagama and Karawe cast people against whom most of the war crimes are leveled at are Dravidians who came from India from the same village Prbhakaran’s people came from and about at the same time. Ruthless Dravidians killed ruthless Dravidians – so what?

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In the dream, Johnny swims up to her, but she is embarrassed by their nudity and asks him to leave. When Susan wakes up, Johnny is there with an update on the car and she tells him that that evening the director has asked them to perform a scene together from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Meanwhile, the abandoned car has been found by a Highway Patrol unit and Lattimore is advised. After a short nap, Susan awakens, looks out the cabin window and is surprised to see Joan, and other children, playing without any clothes on. Johnny tells Susan that he is an actor and also works at the camp.

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Why don’t they bring real evidence to the UN, UNHRC, and the US DOJ? Bring the whole LLRC and AG’s dept. and come with the evidence. Stop barking at us when we discover horrible war crimes and pick hairs on the resolutions of the film? That was NAZI TACTICS which failed in Nuremberg. As for providing complaints of LTTE killing a thousand Sinhala civilians in years, I have no objection in that too being investigated.

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Let the police do their job, and cooperate with them fully. The legal status of jailbait images is controversial. While the images may be legal, they are often considered to be in poor taste. Jailbait is amongst the list of banned hashtags at the photo-sharing website Instagram, and the social networking website Tumblr. Jailbait images are often collected directly from girls’ Facebook pages.

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We Aryan Sinhalese to whom this country belongs to have nothing to do with it. Sinhales and Tamil are only languages not races. There are people of both type who use both type of languages in Sri Lanka. Native Vedda, the LTTE has a history of planting bombs on dead bodies. Photographing them is important for identifying the bodies, which is why I have been asking Donald Gnanakone about the problems with resolution and colour in the photos and videos .

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I am not aware of mobile phones that record in black and white. Numerous webpages and forums are devoted to jailbait images. Vice magazine commented on the lack of attention the press paid to the role popular jailbait image boards had on the suicide of Amanda Todd. An individual who was alleged to be harassing Todd prior to her suicide was tracked down by posts and images he uploaded to jailbait forums on the Internet.

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