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One of the best remembered Star Trek babe has to be Angelique Pettyjohn as Shahna in the episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion" . Due in no small part to the revealing costume, Shahna became quite the cult figure in later years. In Episode 8 of Season 2 we once again find Mudd flanked by a bevy of robotic beauties ready to do his bidding, no matter how deviant and perverse. There’s the "Trudy" series android as well as the "Annabelle" line, but the most significant in this episode are the "Alice" twins…

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Emily Banks plays Yeoman Tonia Barrows in “Shore Leave” . Emily played on television here and there, from Mannix to The Tim Conway Show, but never really made it big. Phyllis is one of the last surviving cast members of Gone with the Wind. Phyllis Douglas plays Yoeman Mears in Episode 16 “The Galileo Seven”. She’s in most of the episode, yet she seems to spend most of it in that chair.

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Jackson plays “Andrea” an android with, evidently, no sense of modesty. You’ve got to hand it to the wardrobe department of Star Trek. Marianne Hill was a hottie who was in The Godfather II, Paradise Hawaiian Style and High Plains Drifter,. Check her out in El Condor where she left nothing for the imagination. Karen Steele did a couple of Westerns with the legendary Randolph Scott, and was paired with he-man Victor Mature in ‘The Sharkfighters’. I always had a severe case of the hots for Marianna Hill.

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The white dress being worn by Nichols in this photo flows perfectly over her body, and she looks absolutely ravishing. Her hair has changed shades in a dramatic way throughout her career, and she looks fantastic whether it is lighter or darker like it is here. Seen here looking more like Belle from Beauty and the Beast as opposed to Lois Lane, Hatcher’s natural beauty and knack for modeling are astounding. Recently this beauty appeared in the series Supergirl, making her way back into the DC Universe.

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Taken back in her younger years, this photo of a scantily-clad Judd is just what fans of the series are looking for. Having no actresses picked just days before filming, Roddenberry was in a state of panic. Allegedly, he cruised the streets and found the Andrece girls, invited them into his car and gave them the part. – (Jordan Boss, Micah Brandt) – Star Trek A Gay Xxx Parody Part 2 – Super Gay Hero