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But then he sees Satellizer el Bridget and thinks that she is his deceased sister. He hugs her, and she consequently loses the match. Bridget is known as the ‘Untouchable Queen,’ so when she doesn’t repel Kazuya, she is taken aback and asks him to become her Limiter. Thus, beings their journey to defend Earth which is filled with drama, action, and sexually provocative scenes. ‘Freezing’ is accessible for streaming on Funimation.

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A unique anime, Gantz is set in a world where dead individuals are recruited to work for a giant sphere. Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato are two such individuals who die in a train accident and are forced to embark on unexpected misadventures. This anime is one of those kinds where an odd bunch of people has to be together despite their differences to serve a purpose. Fuu is a waitress who accidentally spills a drink over one of her customers and is now being constantly harassed by some samurai. She asks another customer Mugen for help, who quickly defeats all of them.

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He spends most of his time writing on his phone what he observes in his surroundings. To spend his time, he befriended an imaginary character Deus Ex Machina, the god of space and time. However, he later finds that Dues is real, and she grants him a mobile phone with the power to record a 90-day future. It also features two underage characters having sex, and the female’s bare chests are shown clearly. Eiken is a Japanese anime with nudity that narrates the life of schoolboy Densuke Mifune who is forced to join the secretive Eiken club.

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A zombie apocalypse is a lot more entertaining to watch when there are lots of sexy and busty beauties running around and being badasses. This is the reason why ‘Highschool of The Dead’ is such an entertaining anime. When Japan suddenly finds itself engulfed in a zombie apocalypse, the society starts to collapse on itself while the survivors try hard to remain alive.

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The show is the best samurai anime that you will ever watch, and the nude scenes are just a bonus. It started over some four decades ago when Goku was just a kid though a very powerful one. During this time, he met Bulma, who became his first friend. There were some instances of Bulma showing her bare body, though these scenes had a more comic purpose than actual forwarding of the plot. Ever had intense orgasmic feelings while eating delicious food? Then be ready to experience that in ‘Shokugeki no Soma’ where the food is so delicious that people get close to orgasm.

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NEWS: Funimation to Stream How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Omega Anime’s English Dub – Forum – Anime News Network

My Sister, My Writer (2018) – Episode 8 (Uncensored)