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The shore break was gentle; the water, a bright shade of turquoise; the briny air, warm. Bare-bottomed sunbathers crowded the umbrella-dotted beach, a spectrum of gays to straights with an ambiguous mix in the middle. In bed that night, I tossed, guilt-ridden over pushing my suburban mother out of her comfort zone.

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Knowing what was ahead, of course I could not sleep. After a while, the snapping of the sheet stopped and I knew it was time. He was always talking to me, whispering things, telling me he loved me. He never penetrated me with his penis, but his fingers would routinely enter my tiny vagina. He spoke in the harshest voice I knew from him, as if I had started screaming in church. Sometimes he would leave me alone in the closet until I begged to come out, but when he let me out it was more of the same.

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