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Traci Lords

In the FOX television drama House, the (episode "Fools for Love") featured two young patients, a husband and wife, who share the same symptoms. Later it is revealed that they are agnate half-siblings suffering from hereditary angioedema inherited from their father. In the episode "Skin Deep", a teenage supermodel confesses to initiating an incestuous relationship with her father simply to get what she wants. In the episode "Sex Kills", a teenage boy suffering from an odd fixation toward cows and inappropriate "messages" admits that his attractive stepmother is coming on to him, and turns to Dr. House for prescriptions to kill his sex drive until he graduates and moves out. In 1997, Lords appeared in a small part in the Gregg Araki film Nowhere, and starred in the drama thriller Stir.

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  • Only after discovering through Eli the true extent of Richie’s love for her does this lead to a confrontation between the two siblings.
  • With the loss of all guidance systems, their ship crash-lands at Roswell, where Philip J. Fry meets his grandfather, Enos.
  • In L.I.E , One of Howie Blitzer’s friends also his age, Kevin, has an incestuous relationship with his sister during a time when they are all discovering their sexuality.
  • However, when their relationship is threatened by Jack’s new girlfriend Kathleen and her two sons, Rose goes to extreme lengths to get rid of the new family and be with her father, even sharing a kiss with her father when he is asleep.
  • In The Hotel New Hampshire , John feels intense sexual desire for his sister, Franny .
Jill Clayburgh plays an opera

In the film Girl with the Golden Panties , writer Luis (Lautaro Murúa) is seduced by and eventually has sex with his niece Mariana . He later realizes she is also his biological daughter, having had a prior affair with Mariana’s mother. At the end of the film Lone Star , Sheriff Sam Deeds and his high school sweetheart and current lover Pilar Cruz (Elizabeth Peña) learn that they are half-siblings, having the same father, Pilar’s mother having been Sam’s father’s mistress. A case of consensual incest between adult sisters Christine and Lea is portrayed in the English film Sister My Sister , which is based on a true story.


The enraged Todd calls off the wedding and ends his relationship with Jamie. In the Canadian film Blood , an incestuous relationship is implied between estranged siblings Chris and Noelle , who have a volatile and violent love–hate dynamic. In the horror fantasy film Tamara , the protagonist Tamara suffers from constant verbal abuse from her alcoholic father Mr. Riley who is discovered to have incestuous fantasies towards his own daughter.

Her role of Sam in the romantic comedy Chump Change earned her the Film Discovery Jury Award for Best Actress at the U.S. In September, she became a regular cast member in the third season of the Sci-fi Channel television series First Wave, becoming the first recurring female character to be featured on the series. She played Jordan Radcliffe, an heiress and leader of the Human Resistance Group "The Raven Nation" after the aliens used her brother to murder her parents. During late May 1986 (around three weeks after Lords’ 18th birthday), authorities were informed that she had been underage when she appeared in the porn movies. She had lied (according to Lords, it was a "white lie") to law enforcement, photographers, producers, directors, co-workers, and the general public for two years. The owners of her movie agency and X-Citement Video, Inc. were arrested (see United States v. X-Citement Video, Inc.).

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She was taken into protective custody and hired high-profile lawyer Leslie Abramson. On July 10, district attorney’s investigators searched Lords’ Redondo Beach home as well as the Sun Valley offices of Vantage International Productions and the Sherman Oaks offices of modeling agent Jim South. South and other industry officials said that Lords, who was seeking employment, provided a California driver’s license, a U.S. passport, and a birth certificate, which stated that her name was Kristie Nussman and gave a birth date of November 17, 1962. Leslie Jay, a spokeswoman for Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione, also said Lords showed identification indicating that she was older than 18 before the illicit photos for the September 1984 issue were taken. When Kuzma was 12, she moved with her mother, her mother’s new boyfriend, and sisters to Redondo Beach, California. In September 1982, she began attending Redondo Union High School but dropped out at age 15 to enter the porn industry.

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In Wicked , teenager Ellie attempts to seduce her father Ben (William R. Moses) after her mother dies. Annie Proulx’s 1993 novel of the same name, it is revealed that Agnis Hamm was raped by her 15-year-old half-brother Guy Quoyle when she was 12, and terminated the resulting pregnancy. In the film Starcrossed , Darren (J. B. Ghuman Jr.) and Connor are two brothers who, as teenagers, realize that the feelings they have for each other are not just those of brothers. In Spring Night, Summer Night , half-siblings Carl and Jessica have sex one night, which leads to Jessica becoming pregnant. In the American film Sin of Innocence , step-siblings Tim and Jenny fall in love, causing much turmoil within their respective families. In How to Draw a Perfect Circle , twins Guilherme and Sofia have sex after promising each other in childhood that they would lose their virginity together.

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Upon finding out that they were related when their dad died, they tried to halt the relationship, but in the end could not stay away despite Rhys moving into a relationship with Mercedes McQueen and Beth moving into a relationship with Rhys’ best friend, Gilly Roach. When Beth is planning to be married to Gilly, they decide they must leave Hollyoaks, as they cannot end their relationship, and they see no other way to be together. In the neo-noir religious-horror film Angel Heart , New York City private investigator Harry Angel has sex with a woman named Epiphany , unaware that she is his own daughter from a one-night stand 20 years prior. In Bernardo Bertolucci’s film La Luna (a.k.a. Luna) , Jill Clayburgh plays an opera singer on tour in Italy whose desperate attempts to detoxify her drug-addicted son result in an incestuous relationship with the boy.

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