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Before I visited Phuket this time, friends told me to expect Frankfurt by the sea. While Bangla jumps with sexual energy after dark, the sleaze factor of Bangkok and Pattaya is largely absent. Whether it’s because the naughty boys are a younger, fitter bunch, I’m not sure. An emerald green jewel set with tropical forests and turquoise waters that reflect at sunset.

The airport link works well if – and this is a big if – you don’t have much baggage. If you do, a taxi will almost certainly be more convenient and as such a better option. Taxis are dirt cheap in Bangkok and unless you’re on an incredibly tight budget, taxis are still the preferred option. Some American readers have reported difficulties getting a seat from the States to Bangkok. It seems that some of the major air carriers from the USA have canceled flights to Narita in Japan due to the nuclear power plant situation and the drop in demand to travel that leg.

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Many people complain about all the craziness during Songkran. This year was my second time and I thought it was a lot of fun. Although I was a little apprehensive about driving at this time, I actually enjoyed it. The traffic was a lot lighter than usual and it was pretty smooth sailing on busy thoroughfares like Rachada, Nawamin and Lad Prao Road. Many places people had set up cones on the street so you were warned.

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I guess that rents are out of control, hence the higher prices. Branches in other parts of the island, away from the west coast beaches, have the same prices you find in Bangkok. Patong Beach is over run with Aussies – Aussie couples, Aussie families and plenty of Aussie naughty boys. They are everywhere, making Patong feel more like Bali than Phuket.

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The negotiations were made and the two guys disappear for a few drinks, with arrangements to come back for the lass a bit later. I was caught by the unusual sight of two Westerners walking along the wet soi….in bare feet. Oh no, I thought, it’s a couple of uncouth Kiwis doing in Phuket as they would at home! Fortunately not all Kiwis are quite that unsophisticated. Things get going later on Bangla Road than they do up north. Young naked girls athletes photo Purenudism photo gallery.

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