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Famous people also like to be naked and we like to look at them which probably explains why celebrity nudity is one of the largest adult entertainment website and magazine genres. I’m talking about the wrestling babes a.k.a. the WWE divas. It all started with hot babes such as Trish Stratus and the busty Lita. And yes, we do have nudes of both of these two delicious ladies. Remember one of the first divas in history, the wonderful blonde bombshell Sunny?

Terrell has worked as a stunt double in a lot of movies and television shows and has even managed to pull double-duty as an actress on some of them, like the Will Ferrell movie Get Hard. She’s a topless biker chick who does a dive onto a moving car in that movie. It’s a little less violent, but just as topless in the indy film Jake’s Road. Her best work as an actress, which does include some nudity would be from the former HBO series, Treme.

It all started with

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Most of these divas had their private pictures leaked on the internet. We enjoy exposing all the filthy WWE diva whores so they get the attention they want. We got WWE ass central over hear with tits and nipples everywhere. I mean we truly love these wrestling bitches shed their cloth or get fucked on camera and record them self. She is perfect example of some hot WWE RAW action fully showcasing that pussy and her ass. When it comes to entertainers, which professional wrestlers certainly are, getting naked hardly phases some of them while others swear on their grandmother’s grave that they’ll never do it.

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  • After The Rock, she was wrestling’s best shot at mainstream success.
  • It’s a little less violent, but just as topless in the indy film Jake’s Road.
  • While he could make the argument it was all for entertainment, there is still the matter of posing for Playgirl he won’t talk about publicly.
  • It didn’t take long to see the audience liked her far more than Mero, so she broke off on her own, during which time she posed for Playboy magazine twice.
  • Bagwell also penned a contract to work for adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment.

She married Marc Mero who went on to become Johnny B. Badd in WCW for several years. While Rena was raising their small daughter, Mero signed with WWE. He brought her along to his first few shows and after management got one look at the statuesque blonde, they signed her to a contract too.

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She’s coming up on 15 years as a wrestler and her marriage to celebrity chef Robert Irvine probably has her thinking about what’s next in life. However, during a lull in her career in 2005, between gigs with WWE and TNA, she was paid a pretty penny to appear topless in a series of ads for a Korean cell phone company. We have no idea if the advertising did what the company wanted, but we thank them for Kim’s only known nudity outside of wrestling.

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It’s hard to deny, though, that it certainly does get attention and we’ve seen actresses at the beginning of their career try to jump-start things by posing for Playboy or somehow otherwise showing some skin. On the flip side, we’ve also seen actresses, trying to hold on to their careers for dear life, finally agreeing to do a nude scene long after that ship has sailed. Actors have walked this fine line of nakedness as long as there has been a Hollywood. Most interesting to us are the wrestlers who appeared nude on film during their career, or just after, when they realize their options for bringing home a paycheck have greatly decreased. Whatever the time or reason, it’s their business, but we get to see the results. Here are 16 wrestlers who appeared nude outside of professional wrestling.

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Feel free to reach to let us know if you have any comments or questions. Sunny then signed a deal to star in an adult film for Vivid Entertainment and angering WWE by wearing her hall of fame ring during the movie. Sunny, aka Tammy Sytch, was a huge hit with wrestling fans, particularly men, during the 1990s and switched to starring in porn movies after stepping away from the ring. Look who’s in the shower buck naked waving that mighty big sexy booty?

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