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Benson said in an interview that he felt Tomorrow Never Dies was the best of the three novelisations he wrote. Air Force base in Okinawa, Bond learns that the encoder had been tampered with, and goes to the South China Sea to investigate the wreck . He and Wai Lin, a Chinese Ministry of State Security agent on the same case, explore the sunken ship and discover one of its cruise missiles missing, but after reaching the surface they are captured by Stamper and taken to the CMGN tower in Saigon.

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When they were trapped by the copter’s rotating blades in a dead end, they skidded under the chopper, and then Bond threw a clothes-washing cable-line into the rotors, causing the machine to lose control and crash. Natasha Henstridge was rumoured as cast in the lead Bond Girl role, but eventually, Yeoh was confirmed in that role. She reportedly wanted to perform her own stunts, but was prevented because director Spottiswoode ruled it too dangerous and prohibited by insurance restrictions. The script was also worked on by Dan Petrie, Jr. and David Campbell Wilson before Feirstein was brought in for a final polish. Although Feirstein retained sole writing credit in the film and in the advertising, Meyer, Petrie and Wilson were given credit with Feirstein on the title page of the film’s novelization by Raymond Benson.


Bond gains the help of Wai Lin on his quest to stop him, but how will Bond feel when he meets up with his former lover, Paris , who is now Carver’s wife. James Bond sets out to stop a media mogul’s plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage. The title of the film was not expressly mentioned anywhere in the film, although villain Carver’s newspaper was named Tomorrow.

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Yeoh’s role was to help strengthen the French cosmetics company’s relationship with Asia.Apart from action films, she is famous for playing nationalists in two biopics. In 1997, she played Soong Ai-ling in the award-winning The Soong Sisters. Yeoh was blacklisted by the Burmese government allegedly because of her participation in The Lady; she was refused entry to Myanmar on 22 June 2022 and was deported on the same day. Tomorrow Never Dies was the first of three Bond films to be adapted into books by then-current Bond novelist Raymond Benson. Benson’s version is expanded from the screenplay including additional scenes with Wai Lin and other supporting characters not in the film.


Carver then discovers the truth about Paris and Bond and orders both of them killed. The next day, she provides him the information he needs to infiltrate Carver’s newspaper factory to recover the GPS encoder. GermanBudget$110 millionBox office$333 millionTomorrow Never Dies is a 1997 spy film and the eighteenth in the James Bond series to be produced by Eon Productions, and the second to star Pierce Brosnan as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond.

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Despite M’s insistence on letting 007 finish his reconnaissance, Royal Navy Admiral Roebuck orders the frigate HMS Chester to fire a Harpoon missile at the bazaar. Bond then discovers two nuclear torpedoes mounted on an L-39 Albatros, and is forced to pilot the L-39 away seconds before the bazaar is destroyed by the missile because the missile is out of range to be aborted. One of the standard received ideas of film criticism is to say that sequels are almost never as good as the original film. (There are also a few standard exceptions to this rule, such as ‘The Godfather Part 2’ and the second and third parts of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy). Subject to these exceptions, however, there seems to be a law of diminishing returns to the effect that the more sequels a franchise spawns, the worse they become.

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A stunt involving setting fire to three vehicles produced more smoke than anticipated, causing a member of the public to call the fire brigade. The upwards camera angle filming the HALO jump created the illusion of having the stuntman opening its parachute close to the water. Yeoh started her film career acting in action and martial arts films, where she did most of her own stunts.

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