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Examples of this can be seen in Brentham Garden Suburb and Welwyn Garden City. A joiner uploaded an alarming picture of himself working in the nude with a circular saw in front of his groin. A female assistant in an electronics store posted a picture of herself with only a keyboard protecting her modesty. You can see Cassandra’s work by following her on Instagram here. I, too, have a bit of a fetish for gals in bib overalls without a top.

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  • Brianne Asbury took on trainee designer role, while Amy Griffiths works as an assistant site manager for Kier Construction.
  • Click any of the names below to learn more about their role and how they got there.
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  • Williams and the few of the women she worked with held the lowest ranking and lowest paying jobs on the predominantly male construction site, working as flaggers and hoist elevator operators.
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Seen in the photo to the right below is Connie’s facial-response whenever asked if she’s an intern on the job. To enter a competitive and dangerous field like construction, women must have access to resources that address their specific needs in the industry. Fortunately, companies and associations are increasing their efforts to promote women within their organizations and educate young women about the benefits of working in the industry. “I never want to feel what I felt before – from low wages to no benefits to sexual harassment,” she told a crowd of nearly 60 people. Williams and the few of the women she worked with held the lowest ranking and lowest paying jobs on the predominantly male construction site, working as flaggers and hoist elevator operators. She says she was harassed not only by her colleagues, but also her supervisors.

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Her army of volunteers helped them make repairs, find work, learn new skills, and generally ‘improve their lot’. For too long the industry was considered to be more suited to men, but this has changed, and continues to develop, with construction becoming a suitable industry for anyone to work in. All of the participants posted their photos with the hashtag #getnakedandgotowork, where they instantly went viral. If you’re a female working in construction and looking to build your network there are a number of online communities just for you. Alice is from Auckland, New Zealand and is a skilled interior plasterer – her Instagram proves it.

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Schools and educational programs need to highlight the value of construction jobs for women and young girls so that they can see the industry as a viable career path. The current shortage of labor in the industry presents an opportunity to hire even more women in construction jobs. As advancements in construction technology have grown, many companies are hesitant in trying them out for a variety of reasons, including a lack of staff. Hiring and training women in the IT departments of construction companies can help with the staff shortage and improve companies’ diversity. However, they are currently severely underrepresented in trade and executive positions.

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Despite the profession long being inaccessible to them, women succeeded in making important improvements in the way our buildings and public spaces are designed and used. DOZENS of people in Belarus are posting pictures and videos of themselves naked and scantily-clad at work after their president suffered an unfortunate slip of the tongue. She said she had no idea she was being filmed in the incident last Friday and it was only when a friend showed her the video that she realised she had been secretly ogled. I posted pics of my wife on another site, and finally got the nerve to show her. I was scared she would be mortified but she got extremely hot.

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So discretion is preferred and they are usually quick to act without much in the way of gamesmanship. “That’s very important because as African American women in our society, these are not people who are used to being listened to and who are used to having their problems fixed,” he said. Solotaroff says he believes the settlement validates and empowers the women.

Also, in the 70s, I was at a 5 and Dime when two gals walked in wearing just bib overalls. Owner, Maarten Lek, said he was angry about the "dumb behaviour" of his workers and sent one of them home "to think about his actions." She confessed that she did have to make an embarrassing call to her landlord, as she did not want him thinking she had turned the home into a "playboy mansion or a sex shop." A WOMAN has revealed her shock when she was filmed walking naked around her flat by ‘pervy builders’ after getting out of the shower. You can click these links to clear your history or disable it.

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